Web survey software tools for enterprise online data collection and reporting, used by major corporations, governments, and NGOs throughout the world.


                                  Raosoft does not pay people to answer surveys and will not send you an email asking you to join a survey panel. If you have received such an email, it did not come from us.

                                  Vovici Acquires EZSurvey and EZReport

                                  Vovici has acquired assets from survey software provider, Raosoft Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Vovici will assume responsibility for providing support for Raosoft’s existing EZSurvey and EZReport clients for the duration of their maintenance contracts. Raosoft will retain all business activities, including customer support, for its InterForm product. 极速安全加速器 安卓

                                  Vovici Corp. is the leading provider of Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solutions, a continuum that includes online survey software and research services that enable the collection and management of feedback from customers, partners, and employees to help shape organizational strategy.


                                  InterForm®, powers high-end data gathering web sites. Designed for unlimited questions, large populations, and complex online forms, with control throughout your organization. Add WebReport for self-serve, personalized online reports that understand hierarchies and respect confidentiality. $30,000 together.

                                  InterForm is the framework for directed research projects like the OPM Human Capital Survey, the Air Force Human Capital Survey, and the DoD Living Pattern Survey.

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                                  极速安全加速器 安卓
                                  Raosoft: 206-525-4025 (US) Email: raosoft@raosoft.com
                                  Raosoft EZReport, EZSurvey, InterForm, RapidReport, Raosoft, and SurveyWin are registered trademarks of Raosoft, Inc.

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